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Mock Trial


What is Mock Trial? 

A mock trial is a simulated criminal trial that features students in the roles of attorneys, witnesses, court clerks, and bailiffs. The purpose of the mock trial is to help students learn the legal procedures by which facts are determined and the rules of law are applied to a criminal case. 


Is Mock Trial a Club or Team?

Mock Trial is made up of competitive school teams within Riverside County who study a hypothetical criminal case, write questions and arguments, and prepare for their day(s) in court. The competition is sponsored by the Riverside County Office of Education in February. County winners go on to state competition in March; state winners compete in a national Mock Trial in May.


In a nutshell, how does Mock Trial work?

Student teams - made up of no fewer than nine and up to 20 students, are given a case packet that contains a fact situation, legal citations and case law, witness statements, evidence, and a pre-trial motion with positions for the prosecution and defense. The student's job is to develop arguments using the facts with the appropriate law that will convince a real court judge to either convict or acquit the defendant. Real attorneys score the teams based on how effective preparation and case presentation.  

2019-20 Mock Trial Team 

Alyssa Jimenez

Madisyn Perez

Trysten Slack

Clinton Ukwuani

Alpha Muyambo

 Co. Captain

Wafa Khan

Lluvia Bermudez

Noah Hayes

Stephanie Cerrato

Keenan Cooper

Malinda Jin

Katherine Teser

Yazira Gonzalez

Josiah Jones



Jami Yee, Teacher Coach

Mark Easter, Attorney Coach 

Victor Wolf, Attorney Coach

 951-571-4850 ext. 34125