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The A.S.T.E.R.I.S.K.—Accelerating Success Through Employment, Responsibility, Inspiration, Skills, and Knowledge—project is a partnership with various local businesses to provide high school students in the Moreno Valley Unified School District with opportunities to develop job skills and work experience. Each year, Moreno Valley USD will select approximately 150 high school students from all academic and socioeconomic levels to participate in an internship program working for local businesses.  This is a five week paid internship program between MVUSD students and businesses in the area.  The program includes five weeks of paid employment including one day per week of instruction.  Students will receive 5 elective credits.




  1. Applicants must be a high school student age 16 or older or a 2018 graduate in Moreno Valley Unified School District
  2. Applicants must possess a minimum GPA of 2.0.
  3. Applicants must exemplify social and cultural values with a desire to experience a hands-on-the-job experience.
  4. Applicants must be ready to commit to a five week paid internship program at a business in the area during the summer recess.
  5. Applicants will not be attending summer school.
  6. Applicants must have reliable transportation to and from work.


  1. Applicants must submit a completed application and ALL requested information online through the following link
  2. DEADLINE for submitting application is: Friday, March 16, 2017 by 4:00 p.m.
  3. The following attachments must be submitted with the online application:
    1. Copy of current school transcript that will serve as proof of enrollment at a Moreno Valley Unified School District high school/alternative and proof of GPA.
    2. Two letters of recommendation from a teacher, guidance counselor or other school administrator identifying positive student qualities.
    3. A one-page essay, typed, double-spaced, addressing the following:
      • Why you would like this opportunity;
      • How achieving your goals will help prepare you for the future;
      • How your internship will be used to improve your community and society.
  4. Copy of Social Security Card.
  5. Copy of Identification Card (CA ID/Driver’s License or current School ID).
  6. Short letter from parent giving permission for student to participate in the program with contact information.
  7. COMPLETED application packet must be submitted on line by Friday, March 16, 2018 by 4:00 p.m.
  8. If help is needed in a completing application online, please contact the following:

Maria Lozano, Career Development Facilitator

College and Career Ready

25634 Alessandro Boulevard

Moreno Valley, CA  92553

Phone: (951)571-7560





Successful applicants will be notified via letter, telephone, and/or email by April 1, 2018.  At that time the applicant will be notified of interview date and time.