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Performing Arts

Performing Arts Department

The Valley View High School’s Performing Arts Department is committed to providing students with comprehensive program of studies in Dance, Music and Theater. The performing arts range from vocal and instrumental music, dance, theatre and beyond.


Theater is a millennia-old art form in which artists act out a narrative or message through song, spoken word, dance, and/or instrumental music. Theater is a fascinating art form largely because of the many elements it contains. You have the writing of the script, the rehearsing, the choreography, the costuming, the creation of an appropriate setting, the directing, and finally the virtuous performances by various artists.


Dance is the movement of the body in a rhythmic way, usually to music. Dance can express an idea, an emotion, or simply create a delight in movement itself. The Eagle Dancers are motivated to become skillful performers who can express themselves through movement and inspire others to dance.


The Valley View High School Choral Program consists of currently 3 choral groups: Concert Choir (beginning to intermediate level), Women's Chamber Ensemble (beginning, intermediate, advanced levels) and Madrigal Choir (intermediate to advanced levels). In past years, we have also offered Show Choir and a voluntary Gospel Choir.


The Crimson Regiment Marching Band & Color Guard program is composed of over 120 students from Moreno Valley, California. The band and color guard are privileged to have some of the most talented instructors in California available to work with our students on a daily basis. The program consists of seven performance ensembles, which include:

  • The Crimson Regiment Marching Band & Color Guard
    • Wind Ensemble
    • Symphonic Band
    • Concert Band
    • Jazz Ensemble
    • Winter Guard
    • Indoor Percussion