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Extra Curricular Activities


Riverside County Programming Competition 2021
17 competed as individuals, and 6 teams competed
Winners in team categories:  1st: Bryan and Moti;  2nd: Andy, Steve and Jin
ACM ICPC at Lamar University
Winners of Beginning Teams:  1st: Bryan, Alexyss and Andy;  2nd: Steve and Jin.
Frozen Eagle Nov 2020 (Virtual contest hosted by Richardson High School in Texas)
Attendees:  Bryan Hildebrand, Sofia Covarrubias, Andy Sanchez, Joshua Ocharan and team Jin DeGuzman and Steve Cordero.
Winners of Beginner Solo bracket: 1st: Joshua Ocharan, 2nd: Andy Sanchez.
Battle of the Brains Oct 31, 2020 (Virtual: University of Texas, Dallas)
Teams:  Joshua Alonzo, Kevin Slack, Jesus Ruiz;  Rebecca Chang, Sofia Covarrubias, Alexyss Morales;   Andy Sanchez, Fiona Wee Eng
Seven Lakes Oct 2020 (Virtual: Seven Lakes, Texas)
Attendees:  Joshua Alonzo, Rebecca Chang, Steve Cordero, Sofia Covarrubias, Jin DeGuzman, Ashley Holm, Jayden Jimenez, Alexyss Morales, Joshua Ocharan, Andy Sanchez, Kevin Slack, Fiona Wee Eng.
Wittry Contest March 2020
Cal Poly Pomona HSPC 2019
Attendees: Kadin Hickey, Amy Martin, Alexyss Morales, Moti Urga, Christine Vo, Fiona Wee Eng
Riverside County Programming Competition
3rd Place High School Team:   Kadin Hickey, Moti Urga
Other Attendees: Rebecca Chang, Valerie DeLeon, RJ Edwards,  Fatima Jacobo, Miguel Garcia, Dylan Gonzalez, Bryan Hildebrand, Timothy Lor, Amy Martin, Alexyss Morales, Samuel Sparenga, Fiona Wee Eng, Christine Vo, 
Cal Poly Pomona HSPC 2018
Grace Hopper 10th: Kaitlyn Langley
Other Attendees:  Jonathan Chau, Edgar Melendrez
2018 California STEAM Symposium
Jazmine Anderson, Amy Martin
2018 CUE Conference
Jacqueline Gomez, Jonathan Chau
2017 California STEAM Symposium
Jacqueline Gomez, Shannon Cascaddon
2017 Inland Computer Science Summit
Jacqueline Gomez
2016 California STEAM Symposium
Edgar Melendrez, Julian Martin, Denise Chavez
Field Trips
January 2020: Silicon Valley
A five-day trip to the Palo Alto Networks, Intel Museum and Google Headquarters.  Students were able to teach AI software with Google engineers, play Capture-The-Flag with Cyber Security specialists, have Q&A with the Palo Alto president and learn how to get a job from the HR specialists.