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Ms. Jeanine Rioux » AP Computer Science A

AP Computer Science A

The 2018-2019 final consisted of an AP with WE service project.  Students researched issues surrounding education and then created small groups to build an app that addressed one issue.  They were required to invest at least 20 hours and had to make connections between their research, the course content and the app or game they created.  Here are the final results.  These can be downloaded and installed on Smartphones.  Be aware since they are published here, your device may notify you that you are trying to download a file from an unknown source.  You may need to go into your device settings to grant permission to do so.

Mr. Poot Saves The World is a choose your own path styled game/quiz. Mr. Poot is a red panda, and he is teaching you how to save the environment using real world scenarios with a bit of fun. You have 3 lives, if you choose the wrong decision you will lose a life. At zero lives the game ends, and the world explodes. However, if you make it through all 7 stages with at least 1 life Mr. Poot thanks you for helping save the world.



Kevin Lopez, Erik Murillo, Victor Dominguez, Farsamin Warisha, Matthew Lampe.

Agendy is an agenda app which is intended to help students plan, organize, and arrange their week.


By Timothy Lor and Cedie Santos

This fun side scroller game will help kids learn their math facts.  Math Fantasy was created in Unity, so may not work in a different environment.  Also, it was programmed to be played using the arrow keys, so runs into problems on a phone.
By Logan Mikulski and Ricardo Diaz