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Ms. Rioux

Let me introduce myself.
I have four children ages 12 to 19.  I have a variety of interests including sewing, gardening and astronomy.  Also, I am proud to be a life long nerd!  I love Star Trek, Lord of the Rings, Dr. Who, cosplay, Disney, and of course Math.  I get kind of weird about how much I love math.  Being a mathematician has helped me become a computer scientist.  The best programmers are mathematicians, and I am well on my way.  For the most part, my favorite thing to do is learn.  I'm always learning new things.  I've learned how to make bobbin lace, raise chickens and program in Java. I look forward to helping my students learn new things as well.
As part of my computer science journey, I strive to learn from the professional world.  I have have had the privilege of working with Chris Lucien and Austin Chadwick at Hunter Industries in their software shop.  After several great experiences which led to me implementing their practices in my classroom, they invited me and my partner-teacher David Coopersmith of Palm STEM Academy to join them in a podcast.  Click the button below to watch it.