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Library Etiquette

In order to maintain the ultimate learning environment, students must enter and exit the library QUIETLY.
While in the library, students are responsible for taking a proactive role in maintaining an atmosphere conducive to learning for all students. This includes acceptable behavior and common courtesy in the library's main area as well as in the labs and the adherence to the following conduct principles:
  • Speak in quiet tones of voice
  • Respect library staff
  • Respect library property
  • Respect other's rights to a safe and clean learning environment
  • Place cell phones on vibrate and take conversations outside of the library
  • Place ear bud volume on low setting to avoid patron disturbance and/or distraction
  • Make proper use of time while in the library
Computers are provided as a convenience. However, student misuse and tampering with computer keyboards, screens, and head-phones will not be tolerated and will result in disciplinary action.