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Both parents and students will need to read and sign the Honors/AP contract, (found below in the document container). It needs to be turned into Guidance by April 7th. 

Note: It is NOT recommended that students take more than 2-3 honors or AP courses during a school year. Students who do often struggle to balance their workload with their extracurricular activities and family responsibilities. However, each student, after discussion and agreement with their parent, must decide for themselves, keeping in mind that the AP/Honors Contract is binding. 

Choosing an AP Class
Students are expected to consider the following BEFORE they submit their contract: 
  • How much time they have to complete homework or study each night compared to the workload outlined in the course description.
  • Their willingness to attend tutoring when the course becomes difficult
  • Questions to ask current AP students/prospective teachers

Other Considerations: 

  •       What skills will I learn in this class to prepare me for college? 
  •      What percentage of students take the AP exam in May? Do students feel prepared for it? Why or why not?  
  •      Why are students earning "1's" on the test? 


Drop Policy
Once students are enrolled in an honors/AP course, they will not be dropped from it, unless they can show that they have experienced a significant change in circumstances that is preventing them from succeeding. 

Low grades are NOT a valid excuse for dropping a class and it is likely that a student will struggle at some point with one or more courses. Students who sign up for honors/AP need to be willing to ask questions and attend tutoring. They should regularly check Infinite Campus to see if they are missing work, and they need to make it up in a timely manner. School-wide tutoring is offered every Tuesday and Thursday after school from 3:15-4:30, as well as 1-2 Saturdays a month from 8:00-12:00. In addition, most honors/AP teachers make themselves available to work with students before/after school or during lunch.

Asking teachers to make up work that was assigned weeks or even months ago, or asking for extra credit right before grades are due, are not the actions of an Honors/AP student. You need to take responsibility for your work. Teachers do not give grades. Students earn them.