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Honors and AP Courses » AP Psychology

AP Psychology

An 11th, or 12th Grade Elective Course: AP Psychology
Instructor: Mr. Oshima; E-mail: [email protected]


Weekly Assignments/Pacing/Assessments: We will cover one chapter from our course textbook approximately every two weeks. Students will be expected to complete their assigned reading and outlining within that time frame. There will be an FRQ or multiple-choice assessment at the end of each chapter. Each chapter consists of 30-45 pages, and students usually read 6-8 pages a night.

 Sample Test Questions:

1) Damage to the cerebellum would most likely result in which of the following problems?

(a)        Aphasia
(b)        Increased aggression
(c)        A loss of vision
(d)        A loss of motor coordination
(e)        A change in personality

 In response to declining reading scores in local schools, John wrote an editorial suggesting that schools need to increase interest in reading books by providing students with incentives. Based on research showing a relation between use of incentives and student reading, he recommended providing a free pizza coupon for every ten books a student reads. 

A. Explain how each of the following psychological concepts can be used to refute John’s argument.
 - Correlational research 
- Overjustification effect
B. Explain how schedules of reinforcement can be used to strengthen John’s plan.
C. Explain how each of the following psychological phenomena could influence a reader’s view of John’s argument. 
- Belief perseverance 
- Central route to persuasion 
- Retroactive interference 
- Source amnesia
Comments from Instructor: Students will be expected to participate in various classroom activities, take succinct notes, and provide input regarding a variety of psychological concepts and phenomena.