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Honors and AP Courses » AP French

AP French

An 11th or 12th Grade Elective Course: AP French

Teacher: Mr. Moore; E-mail: [email protected]


Course Description:

Students will develop their French written, spoken, reading and comprehension skills in the target language.  This development will occur through listening, reading, writing, and participation in classroom       activities. We will also study the cultures in which  the language evolved and is being used today. 

By the end of this course, we hope that you will  appreciate the importance of French in both our local and global society. Participation in French is key.

Students can expect weekly quizzes or exams EVERY WEEK! Students can expect about 20 minutes of homework each night. Students should have completed French 1-3 with at least a C or better prior to enrolling in this course.

 Assessment and Grading:

 Spoken or Written Interpersonal Communication Assessment (25%)

  • 25% In class conversation: Peer Review /Conversation
  • Libre/Dialogue. Several times a week students will be given the opportunity to freely share personal information about each other regarding past or future projects and will be ask to share in front of the class in pair or individually. Students take notes in order to provide feedback and ask questions of the speaker.

 Audio or Visual/Written and Print Interpretive Communication Assessment (35%)

  • 5% Text Analysis: All text will be done at home or in class.  Reading will always be          followed by written or oral activities with a partner of individually, in order to stress the importance of reading comprehension and effectively expressing one’s opinion through grammatically and stylistically appropriate writing and dialogue.
  • 5% Audio/Video Clip Analysis : Use of audio and video to provide authentic materials for developing listening abilities. Throughout the year, students complete a formal assignment that involves viewing the news and filling out questionnaires on reportages.
  • 25% Chapter Grammar Review Exam/Quizzes : Based on grammar exercises and, performance of grammar and vocabulary.

Spoken or Written Presentational Communication Assessment (40%)

  • 10% PowerPoint Presentation: Every 2-3 weeks, a new theme is introduced. Within that theme, students work on all aspects of communication: listening, speaking, reading and writing. Activities will include the three modes of communication: interpretive, interpersonal and presentational. In lieu of a test for each theme, students are evaluated based on various writing and speaking assignments.         
  • 10% Essay : In-class composition of at least 25-50 words once every 2 to 21/2 weeks. Student will write a formal, well organized analytical or persuasive essay that is evaluated for its content, vocabulary and grammatical correctness.
  • 10% Email/Letter : This project works as both an extension of research and as a method for students to express themselves through various writing styles. Students gain confidence in their writing through the informal email or letter rather than the formal explication de text.