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Honors and AP Courses » AP Calculus

AP Calculus

A 12th grade Core Math Course: AP Calculus

Teacher: Mr. Racataian; E-mail: VRacataian


The student should show a keen understanding of the subject of mathematics and interest in the theory of mathematics. This should be exhibited in the quality of the work performed in previous math courses. The student should also show enthusiasm about completing tutoring hours either after school or during school breaks.


Grading will be done on homework, quizzes, tests, final exam, and projects. Each of the assignments will reflect the rigorousness required for the AP test. The latter part of the course will focus solely on problems that are in the spirit of those found on the AP test or problems released from previous AP tests.


Pedagogical Issues.

Students are encouraged to explore and discover Calculus concepts with the aid of technology and in group settings. The lectures are limited to theory and guiding examples that give rise to intellectual conversations and to the students’ desire of exploring a concept in more depth. In preparation for the AP exam, we review released problems from previous AP tests. In addition, each student is provided with a copy of the “Multiple-Choice and Free-Response Questions in Preparation for the AP Calculus AB Examination,” by Lin McMullin. Students work and discuss these problems with their peers during class time and tutoring sessions.

Topic example.

Logarithmic and exponential functions

Time: Approximately 40 days.

  1. Defining  and.
  2. Properties of logarithms and derivatives of logarithms involving absolute value.
  3. Log rules for integration including  and its use in finding the integrals of the six basic trigonometric functions.
  4. Inverse functions and the derivative of an inverse function.
  5. Differentiation and integration of exponential functions with base  and base other than  
  6. Differential equations and applications with growth and decay models.
  7. Solving differential equations by separating variables, and solving homogeneous differential equations by the change of variables.
  8. Differentiation and integration of inverse trigonometric functions.


Major Textbook.

Larson, Roland. Hostetler, Robert. Edwards, Bruce. Calculus of a Single Variable, 10th ed. Boston, Massachusetts: Houghton Mifflin Company, 2014.  


A word from the teacher.

AP Calculus is a demanding but exciting course. When I assign homework or projects I always keep in mind that students have other classes or are involved in extra-curricular activities. However, I expect my students to come prepared to learn every day and to have a constructive, cooperative attitude toward the course. I believe that every student at Valley View has the capability to take the most advanced courses they desire, but some lack motivation. If you choose to be my student I will try my best to teach you, motivate you, and guide you along the way. My professional success equates to your success as my student. See you in August!