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Honors and AP Courses » Integrated Math Honors 3

Integrated Math Honors 3

Integrated Math 3 Honors

Teacher: Ms. Rioux; E-mail: [email protected]

Course Objectives:

Integrated mathematics is a style of math education used world-wide which integrates many strands of mathematics throughout each year of secondary school.  This particular math course will cover topics in algebra such as complex numbers and polynomial, rational and logarithmic functions, geometry such as similarity, volume, and proofs, trigonometry including basic trig functions and radian measure and advanced probability including data analysis. A long term goal of this course is to prepare students for AP Calculus, AP Statistics and for math and science based careers.  Just as important the subject matter itself, this class will help students develop key mathematical practices such as perseverance, reasoning, justification and attention to precision. 

Prerequisites: Integrated Math 2 or Integrated Math 2 Honors

Integrated Math 3 Honors is considered a rigorous college prep class.  We will be exploring additional concepts that are not covered in a regular IM 3 class.  An honors class is not about memorizing procedures.  Emphasis instead will be placed on conceptual understanding and practical application of the curriculum.  In order to cover a broader range of topics and to dig deeper into the material, we will need to go at a faster pace.  This means there is less time devoted to reviewing prior knowledge.  Students will need a strong foundation in math as well as good work habits in order to be successful.  Therefore, the prerequisites for this course are B’s or higher in both semesters of Integrated Math 2.   Excellent attendance is also a must. 

Grading Policy:

Students’ grades will be calculated using a weighted grading system.  The following is a breakdown of how grades will be calculated in this class: Assessments 70%, Classwork and Homework 30%.

Quizzes will be given weekly.  Tests are given at the end of every unit.  The honors tests include multiple choice, multiple selection, and free response.  Thus they are more rigorous and are graded with a more stringent rubric.  Since there are no “do-overs” on AP exams or college exams there are no test retakes in IM 3 Honors. 

Homework will be assigned daily (even weekends) and graded for completeness and accuracy.  Students will be expected to show work and/or justify their answers.  There will be assignments from the textbook as well supplemental handouts.  There will also be assignments which must be done online.  Typically, homework is collected in packets once a week.  Students who have a tendency to procrastinate may easily fall behind.  Late work or incomplete assignments (less than 50% complete) will NOT be accepted for credit.

Students will be expected to take annotated notes.  They will also be expected to summarize each lesson.  Notes and summaries will be turned in at the end of each unit.