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Honors and AP Courses » Integrated Math Honors 1

Integrated Math Honors 1

 A 9th Grade Core Course: Integrated Math 1 Honors

Teachers: Mrs. Orozco; E-mail- [email protected] and 
Mr. Fitzpatrick; E-mail [email protected]

In Integrated 1 Honors we focus on a higher level conceptual understanding of the common core standards.  In addition, we explore additional topics that are not taught in the traditional Integrated 1 course.  Homework is assigned every day, including Friday and over breaks in order to keep concepts fresh in student’s minds.  See below for a sample weekly agenda.


Sample Weekly Agenda





Cornell Notes: 14.3 Constructing Exponential Functions

14.2 Text page 657 #1-25 odd


Cornell Notes: 14.3 Constructing Exponential Functions

14.3 Text page 670 #1-15


Cornell Notes: 14.3 Constructing Exponential Functions

14.2 Text page 685 #1-18


Group work 14.5

Worksheet: 14-5 PPS


Quiz Module 14

15.1 Text pg. 715 # 4-12, 18-20

Testing:  The tests for honors students contain more free response type problems and less multiple-choice than does the Integrated math 1 course.  The honors tests generally have more problems and cover more modules/units.  Furthermore, the questions on the honors tests require students to show work and explain their understanding.

Sample Honors Test Questions:


For H6- H7, use the table.



$1.50 each


$2.50 each


$3.75 each

H6.  Robert bought x hamburgers plus one soda. Write an expression for the cost of his meal, identify and explain what each term represents in the expression that you have created.

H7.  Gerardo bought a hamburger and f amount of fries. He spent less than $10. Write an inequality that shows how much Gerardo spent and explain each term in the inequality.

H8  The sequence what type of sequence is described?  Write and use the explicit rule to find the 20th term in the sequence.

Comments from Instructor:

Students are expected to take Cornell notes with questions and summaries for each lesson in class.   Students are also expected to do daily homework and keep up with all the assignments in class. The class is challenging for many but students who put in full effort should not have a problem passing. It is critical that you keep up with your homework and notes ask questions when you need help.