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An honors class is a rigorous course, which will focus on developing a student’s critical thinking, reading, and writing skills so they will have the tools necessary to be successful in a college environment. Students who do well in honors are those who want to attend a four-year university, who have a good work ethic, and are interested in learning, NOT just interested in getting an A. Honors courses are typically taken prior to an AP course. Students in honors or AP should be willing to struggle, attend tutoring, and ask questions.

Advanced Placement (AP) classes are college-level equivalent courses that are geared toward helping students to pass the corresponding AP examination given by CollegeBoard, in May, at the end of each course, (see calendar below). If the student passes this test they will receive college credit for the equivalent course (or elective credit) at most universities. 

Students who take AP courses and pass the tests are more competitive on their college applications, and save money because they have to take fewer college classes. They are more likely to do well on their college placement exams and have the skills necessary to be successful in college courses.