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How to Enroll Your Student at VVHS
  • Please make sure that you have withdrawn your student from their previous school. We will use the withdrawal packet from your student's previous school to enroll them in classes at VVHS.
  • Enroll your student within MVUSD by visiting the Centralized Registration Center. They will assign your student to a MVUSD school and give you a copy of the enrollment form.
    • If you have done this in the past but your student attended another school outside of MVUSD and is returning, you must register them again.
    • Click here to visit the MVUSD Centralized Registration Center webpage for hours and printable documents.
  • Bring the copy of the enrollment form and withdrawal packet to the VVHS Guidance Office. We will make a new student appointment for you with the alpha-assigned Guidance Counselor. We will also give you additional forms to complete. 
  • Make sure that your student reports to their student appointment with the completed registration packet. Your student will then meet with the Guidance Counselor, have a schedule created and be given a tour of the school. 
    • We cannot allow a student to enroll in VVHS without the registration packet being completed. If a portion of it is incomplete, we may have to re-schedule the appointment.

If you have any additional questions about enrollment, please contact our office at (951) 571-4850 ext. 34061.

How to Withdraw Your Student from VVHS
  • The student's parent/guardian must visit the VVHS Guidance Office to withdraw their student. Allow for 15-45 minutes to complete the withdrawal process.  If the parent/guardian is unable to withdraw the student in person, please contact us at (951) 571-4850 ext. 34062.
  • Please bring your student and your driver's license/identification card to the Guidance Office. Make sure that your student brings all their VVHS books and any athletic/ROTC uniforms. We will print out the withdrawal form for you and ask you to sign it. 
  • The student will be asked to visit different offices and their teachers to complete the withdrawal form. 
    • They will need to turn in their books at the Library.
    • They will need to turn in any athletic/ROTC uniforms to their coach/ROTC department.
    • They will also need to check for and pay any outstanding fees at the Bookkeeper's window.
    • They will need to visit the Health Office to get their shot records. 
    • The student will need to get their withdrawal grades from their teachers. These will be needed for enrollment at their new school. 
    • If desired, the parent may go with their student to help them complete their portion of the withdrawal process. Otherwise parents are welcome to wait for the student in the Guidance Office. 
  • The student needs to return to the Guidance Office with the withdrawal form completed as best as possible. We will make a copy of the form so they can enroll at their new school. Then we will withdraw your student from VVHS.
    • If the student does not owe any books or fees to VVHS, we will also release an unofficial transcript to the parent for the enrollment process at the new school. 
  • If your student is unable to be present, we will complete the withdrawal form as best as we can and give you a copy of it. 

If you have any additional questions about withdrawals, please contact our office at (951) 571-4850 ext. 34062.