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Distance Learning Schedule Message

Hello Valley View High School Eagles and Parents,


                This is Principal Karen Johnson; I want to say that we really miss our Eagles!  And, that we haven’t forgotten about you.   Many of you have been emailing and staying in touch with your teachers and counselors!  AP students have certainly been busy engaging with the Advanced placement lessons placed online by the College Board.  Some of you have already been involved with the Enrichment Lessons provided by our District. This message goes out to you because we will be engaging with you soon!  In fact, your teachers are planning lessons via Distance Learning.  It is very important that you are present and ready to engage on April 20, 2020 for your Distance Learning Lessons. We have a schedule planned for you. Here is how it works:


Weekly Schedule



9-10am Mathematics

10-11am Science

11am-1pm Lunch

1-3pm Electives/PE



9-10am English

10-11am Social Science

11am-1pm Lunch

1-3pm Electives/PE


Friday(Office Hours Only)

8-9am Electives/PE

9-10am ELA

10-11 am Math

11am-12pm Lunch

12pm-1pm Electives/Skills

1pm-2pm Science

2pm-3pm Social Science


    To summarize the schedule for you, teachers will have 2 sessions of instruction for you and 1 hour of office contact.  The 1 hour of office contact is on Friday.  Use this time to connect with your teachers about concepts and skills presented in the lesson that you do not understand or have problems with.   Many teachers will continue to use Google classroom as a way to communicate with you about assignments.  If you are not sure please email your teacher, counselor, administrator or principal. Teachers are inputting your progress report grades, as of March 16, 2020.  Distance Learning is a way to improve a grade that you have received.  All right Eagles, I expect you to show up!  Be present, let’s go the Distance Eagles!  What do I say, “Eagles Soar with Excellence, they Lead with Dignity and Pursue with a Purpose!