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Engineering Pathway

Project Lead the Way (PLTW) is a leading, national engineering training program offered at Valley View. These courses teach foundation engineering skills while providing opportunities to explore career and post secondary education information. Further, these courses teach and practice problem solving techniques, project management, and a design process that can be used in any field, career path, or life challenge. The pathway consists of three elective courses:

Introduction to Engineering Design (IED) for grade 9 and above.

Principles of Engineering (POE) for grade 10 and above.

Digital Electronics (DE) for grade 11 and above.

It is highly recommended that these courses be taken in order though it is not required. These course meet UC graduation requirements for electives. If a student completes the three courses with a grade of B or better and submits their online portfolio, they may be eligible to receive the PLTW Student Scholar medallion and certificate upon graduation.

Introduction to Engineering Design (IED)

This is a beginner level project based course that introduces students to engineering problem solving, using the design and product development process.  Students will experience hands on activities, like designing and building airplanes, car accessories, a fix for oil spills in the ocean, aerodynamic cable cars, kids toys, and much more.  Students will also learn how to document and present their solutions like a professional engineer.  Some parts of the course include the development of student or group designs using sketching, 3D solid modeling, and prototyping by manufacturing and computer‐aided drafting methods.  

Principles of Engineering (POE)

Build machines, design robots, and try different energy sources. Principles of Engineering is an applied, hands-on, activity-, project-, problem based (APB learning) course in the engineering pathway. Students learn and practice skills that they then apply to the design process to create solutions to engineering problems and challenges. Students then create online portfolios to showcase their accomplishments and inventions. Students also explore career possibilities and professional communities. Principles of Engineering is for 10th grade or higher. Prior completion of Introduction to Engineering (IED) is highly recommended but not required.

Digital Electronics (DE)
Digital Electronics is the foundation of all modern electronic devices such as cellular phones,  laptop computers, digital cameras, high definition televisions, etc. The major focus of the DE course is to expose students to the design process of combinational and sequential logic design, teamwork, communication methods, engineering standards, and technical documentation. Students will be engaged in hands-on activities to explore the world of electronic design.
PLTW Scholar Student
The California PLTW Scholar Student has been removed until further notice. No applications were received by the January 15, 2019 deadline. Please check back for updates.