Visual Arts
Welcome to the Visual Arts Department! 

Valley View offers a broad range of instruction in two and three dimensional arts for students of all ability levels. The courses offered are Art 1, Art 2, Art 3, and Advanced Placement Studio Art (2-D Design and Drawing), Sculpture 1 and 2, Ceramics 1 and Advanced Ceramics, and Digital Photography 1. All classes are year-long in duration, and are UC/CSU "a-g" approved for admission to college. 

We believe that we provide a top quality, challenging, and creative program in Art. We believe in fostering both imagination and innovation. It is a department that encourages and inspires students to explore and develop an understanding of their visual environment. Special emphasis is placed upon learning the basic elements and principles of art and design, problem solving, creative expression, interpersonal interaction, the development of perceptual skills, and acquiring a knowledge of our artistic heritage. 

Students in all Art classes are required to develop a personal portfolio of their work which is used as a tool for meaningful assessment of creative growth and improvement. Students 
are also required to keep a visual journal in the form of a sketchbook. 

Evaluation in the visual arts classroom is based on the individual. Student assessment reflects qualities of craftsmanship, composition, creativity, participation, and personal growth. 

The Visual Arts department is an active and visible voice in the arts community. Many of our students have achieved recognition and success at high school art competitions both regionally and nationally. Our students have also been involved in designing and creating a number of public art projects in the Moreno Valley community. We invite and encourage all students to become involved in the Valley View Visual Arts experience.