Welcome to RSP

Welcome to the RSP Department

The Special Education Department at Valley View High School provides a continuum of educational services to students with diverse needs.  Emphasis is placed on educating students to their fullest potential by preparing them for inclusion in an integrated society.  Through the Team process, an Individual Educational Plan is developed that addresses the needs of the student in the least restrictive environment.


The Special Education Department includes a Resource Specialist Program (RSP) and five Special Day Classes Non-Severe (SDC) and four Special Day Classes (moderate-severe) that provide diagnostic and instructional services to students who have Specific Learning Disabilities and/or other qualifying disabilities.  The program is proud of its high graduation rate and the number of students who continue their education after high school. 



Special Education support for students in the mainstream can take many forms.  It can include quarterly review of the student’s progress, consultation/collaboration between regular education and special education teachers, and co-teaching of regular education and special education teachers.  Collaboration is expected to occur in the areas of English, Mathematics, Science, and Social Science.