Health Office

Students sent from your classroom to the Health Office must have a written pass when leaving and returning.
If you become aware of any student having any type of health emergency, please inform the health office immediately. Supply all pertinent information to that office.
All prescribed medication brought by a student to campus must be given to the Health Office. The Health Office will dispense the medication as directed by the physician.
If any students under your control show signs of being under the influence or display any substance that appears to be prescribed drugs or controlled substances, notify a campus supervisor or the main office as quickly and subtly as possible.


Instruction at home and/or hospital may be provided for a student when:
A. Orthopedic or other health impairment requires instruction in a home or hospital for a period of:
  1. more than 2 weeks but less than 8 weeks, and for 300 minutes per week.
  2. more than 8 weeks or less than 300 minutes per week.
  3. Home Teaching is not available the last 4 weeks of the school year.
Certificated teachers who wish to be a Home Teacher as extra duty should inform any one of the administrators or the school secretary.
If one of your students goes on Home Teaching, see Guidance Administrator for direction.


The staff member in charge/or at the scene of an accident must fill out an accident report. The report and /or the student should be sent to the Health Center under the supervision of a staff member.
The nurse will complete the report and submit copies to the principal and district office.

Employees of MVUSD who have any type of accident on school property need to fill out a report detailing the nature of the accident within 24 hours of the accident. This report should be turned in to the site secretary when filled out, and will be forwarded to the district office.
For more information on the Health Office contact:Emma Pinedo (Health Tech)