Welcome to the Foreign Language Department
“Learning another language is not only learning different words for the same things, but learning another way to think about things.”‒Flora Lewis
The World Language Department is committed to promoting excellence in instruction and providing a rigorous curriculum.  Teachers in the department believe that when students are acquiring a language they are expanding their viewpoints on life and furthering their knowledge of other disciplines.  The National Foreign language standards guide the curriculum. It is expected that the curriculum will promote critical thinking and reinforce previously learned concepts. Communication, connection, culture, comparison, and communities are the five main areas that are emphasized by the standards. Grammar is taught in English so that students can comprehend the concepts but emphasis is put on learning and speaking Spanish or French through the vocabulary, communicative activities, writing, and culture.
Two different languages are taught at Valley View High: Spanish and French. Students can take up to three years of French (with a fourth year of AP French possible in the near future) and fulfill their university requirements. Spanish is subdivided into Spanish for Native Speakers and regular Spanish (for beginners). Some students may be able to take up to four years of Spanish while at Valley View High. AP Spanish Language and AP Spanish Literature can be taken by students as their 3+ year.
The teachers are committed to teaching and reinforcing educational strategies that will enhance learning across the board. The teachers in the World Language department implement strategies that promote critical thinking through a variety of activities and projects. Engaging lesson plans are presented by teachers. Common assessments and shared strategies, and common planning are best practices in the World Language department.
The dedication to learning can be seen in the teachers through their involvement beyond the classrooms. Everyone in the department connects with their students outside of the classroom through tutoring, by being club advisors, or/ and by supporting students at school events, and fundraising activities.
----The Foreign Language Department