English Language Development2 (ELD 2)
English Language Development2 (ELD 2) is the second level of language learning for students acquiring the English language.  The students learn appropriate vocabulary and structure through a balance of reading, writing, listening and speaking.  Basic language skills are reviewed, reinforced, and expanded.  Students study Milestones curriculum (using the level A textbooks and workbooks), and are taught academic vocabulary.  ELD 2 students use computers to take online quizzes and tests, study vocabulary using Rosetta Stone, and utilize online translators (if needed) to assist in writing essays, letters, and reports.  ELD 2 students complete the second level of writing assignments for the MVUSD ELD 2 portfolio.  These portfolios are collected each semester and graded at the district level.  Powerpoint presentations are constructed by students and presented orally.  Students are taught and tested on expanded CAHSEE / CST vocabulary and concepts, as well how to take Cornell notes.  This course is a two-period block.  The University of California system accepts one year of ELD as college prep English.