ELD Department Information
Welcome to ELD/Bienvenidos a ELD

The ELD (English Language Development) program at VVHS is designed to facilitate a successful transition for students coming into the United States. A fourfold approach focuses on reading, writing, listening, and speaking. Our primary goal is to teach them English, but we assist them on a variety of levels. Utilizing the latest Milestones (Heinle Cengage) textbooks based on California state standards, the students are provided both colorful textbooks and activity-based write-in workbooks that reinforce concepts learned. Academic vocabulary is reinforced within each unit of Milestones. Classroom bellwork activities include sentence and paragraph editing for spelling, grammar, and punctuation, as well as writing journal paragraphs. Students also are given time weekly for using the Rosetta Stone language learning website and silent reading using our classroom library. A variety of available beginner reading books have page-by-page parallel translations (English and Spanish) to assist the many Spanish speaking students at the ELD 1 level during SSR.
Students are taught concepts that will help them in other classes and on school achievement tests. A classroom bank of computers is used to teach students how to use translation websites in tandem with a Microsoft Office document. Students write in their L1 and translate into English, allowing them to craft expanded essays and to create Powerpoint presentations. This skill also allows students with computer access to help themselves to understand texts and assignments in English from their other core classes. Textbook tests and quizzes are web based, building computer literacy throughout the year. All classes take notes using the Cornell note taking system, and are taught CAHSEE / CST vocabulary and concepts. All levels complete a portfolio each semester that includes essays, reports, letters, CELDT test prep activities, and assignments that prepare students for a successful transition into English 1 after the completion of ELD 3. The MVUSD ELD 1, 2, and 3 portfolios are graded each semester at the district level by ELD teachers, specialists, and district personnel. Songs and games are also utilized to assist students in their acquisition of English.

VVHS also endeavors to provide Instructional Assistants to help our ELD students. The primary focus is to help ELD 1 and 2 students to access the core curriculum, and on a more limited basis, ELD 3 students receive help from IAs as staffing allows.