Health Office Information for Teachers

HEALTH OFFICE USE AND STUDENT MEDICATIONS:  Students sent to the health office while at school MUST have an official Valley View pass when leaving and returning – except in cases of medical emergency.  Hand written notes or other objects are not accepted.  Please proved passes for your substitutes when you are out.  In lieu of issuing a pass, teachers may call the health office before sending a student.  The health office does not treat students during passing period, and will ask students to report to class first, then return with a pass. 

First aid kits containing band-aids and antiseptic wipes are available in the health office.  If your student’s needs can be met with those supplies, please encourage their use.  Be advised that the health office does NOT treat piercings during class time.   If you become aware of any student having any type of health emergency, please call the health office immediately.

If any student under your care shows signs of being under the influence, or displays a substance that appears to be a prescribed drug or controlled substance, please notify a campus supervisor, the front office, or the health office as quickly and subtly as possible.

The ONLY medications that students may carry are asthma inhalers, or EpiPens, and that student MUST have a health office issued sticker on their ID card.  NO other medication may be carried by students, even over the counter medications.  Please call the health office is you suspect a student is carrying medication without authorization.

HOME TEACHING (FOR MEDICAL CONDITIONS):  Instruction at home may be provided for a student when they are unable to attend school because of a physical or mental health condition for even one hour per week.  Applications for home teaching are available in the health office, and are accepted through mid-April of each school year, and must be completed by a medical doctor.  If the student has been diagnosed with a mental health condition, they paperwork needs to be filled out by a physician specializing in mental health.   Certificated teachers who wish to be a Home Teacher may contact Vivian Dillard at the district office, x17333.

STUDENT ACCIDENT/INJURY: The staff member in charge/or at the scene of an accident must fill out an accident report. The report and /or the student should be sent to the Health Center under the supervision of a staff member.

The nurse will complete the report and submit copies to the principal and district office.

STAFF ACCIDENT/INJURY: Employees of MVUSD who have any type of accident or injury on school property need to fill out a report detailing the nature of the accident within 24 hours of the accident. This report should be turned in to the site secretary when filled out, and will be forwarded to the district office.

For questions or more information on the Health Office contact

Celia Sanchez, Health Technician x 34026
Janice Doriguzzi, Health Technician  x34038