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Aerial view of Valley View High School gym, pool, tennis courts and baseball fields.


Sympathetic   Organized Accountable Respectful



"Eagles soar with excellence, lead with dignity and pursue with a purpose."



Welcome to Valley View High School, home of the Eagles! Established in 1980, Valley View is Moreno Valley’s second oldest high school. Located on the eastern side of Moreno Valley, VVHS has grown to become one of the district's largest schools with much to offer. Our school sits on 34.5 acres containing over 100 classrooms, a theater, lap pool, 8 tennis courts, 4 baseball fields, and a newly renovated gymnasium, track and field. As our school grows, it is also important that we maintain our facilities which is why we have also established a new math and science building and better parking system for both our staff and students. In addition to enjoying our facilities, our staff and students are proud of the various sports, performing arts, STEAM programs and clubs that are offered as extracurriculars. Like many of the outstanding schools in our district, we are the recipient of The Gold Ribbon (for outstanding school-community partnerships) and the 21st Century Learning Exemplar awards. As a pillar for the community, we strive to create a safe and fun learning environment both in and out of the classroom.

Setting high expectations for students, allowing them to be responsible for their learning, and  for their own behavior choices develops students' self efficacy, and allows them to take pride in their accomplishments. As Valley View Eagles, our students learn to become proud of what they have done for themselves as they prepare to contribute to members of the community. 

Student safety, both physically and emotionally, is of paramount importance to us. Behavioral expectations are implemented, monitored, and evaluated following the Positive Behavior Intervention and Support (PBIS) research-based process alongside restorative and equitable practices. Like our district, we welcome all students from different backgrounds and walks of life and look forward to making you a part of our Eagle family!


Vision Statement

To empower students to become future ready and positively impact the world.”



Mission Statement

“We will provide an equitable education for all students to be prepared for college and/or a viable career path for a successful life.”


Who We Serve

Valley View High School is proud to serve over 2900 students from grades 9-12.

Student Group Number Percentage
Socioeconomically Disadvantaged 1,306 44.8%
Emergent Bilinguals
(English Learners)
286 9.8%
Students with Disabilities 412 14.1%
Students in Foster Care 25 0.8%
Grade Level Number Percentage
Grade 9 751 25.8%
Grade 10 794 27.3%
Grade 11 751 25.8%
Grade 12 616 21.2%
Ethnicity Number Percentage
African American 362     12.4%
American Indian or Alaska Native 9 0.3%
Asian 69 2.4%
Filipino 62 2.1%
Hispanic or Latino 2,075 71.3%
Pacific Islander 13 0.4%
White 234 8.0%
Two or More Races 78 2.7%
Not Reported 10 0.3%

*These numbers reflect the 2021-2022 report on Dataquest. DataQuest is the California Department of Education’s web-based data reporting system for publicly reporting information about California students, teachers, and schools.